2021 Wage & Benefit Survey to Middle Tennessee Industry
Jan 5 2021

HARTSVILLE, TN. – Regional Industry will be getting a competitive boost this year because Middle TN State University will be administering the third biennial Wage and Benefits Survey. Every industry that participated in the survey received access to the data gathered from it, free of charge, and in complete confidentiality.

“Economic Development Organizations throughout the region are supporting the Wage & Benefit Survey to service back companies in their communities and provide them with insightful workforce data," says regional Project Manager Dan Tidcomb.

The Middle TN Industrial Development Association and regional partners, built upon the constructive feedback from previous participants, and a user-friendly experience was created.

“This survey is built upon the successful of our 2017 and 2019 surveys. As a collaborative project with partners throughout the mid-state, MTSU can document the local wage and benefit structure in our local communities.  Of the three surveys we have done with MTSU, this one has the potential for heightened importance due to the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and we are eager to see the results” said Robert Bibb, MTIDA Executive Director.

The survey was geared towards industrial and manufacturing jobs, and to drive participation, physical packets, with invitations to the survey, wiere mailed January 2021. The Wage & Benefit Survey opened for a six weeks, February through mid-March, and the data became exclusively available to participants in late the spring.