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Tap into abundant resources for higher capacities and lower costs.





TVA providing a powerful partnership for industry.


There’s never been a better time to reap the benefits of low-cost electricity from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the nation’s largest public power provider. For over 80 years, TVA has pioneered innovative delivery methods for affordable electricity while developing enhanced management of natural resources, and the results simply keep improving.


Today, TVA rates are some of the most cost-competitive in the U.S., thanks in part to diversified generation that includes nuclear, hydroelectric and fossil fuel. And now even as Unit 2 of the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant prepares to go online, augmenting TVA’s power supplies, the corporation continues its strategic implementation of internal cost controls and expansion of energy-efficiency programs. It’s also nice to know that TVA is taking a leadership role in environmental stewardship, not only through greater energy efficiency but also through improved air quality.


Throughout its history, TVA has taken an integrated approach to problem-solving for workable “big picture” solutions—and now more than ever, the needs of industry remain paramount to that picture. With TVA electricity available through a variety of cost-effective local delivery systems, including municipal and cooperative distributors, industry can rely on a powerful, reliable partner in building profitability and long-term success.



Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation


TCEMC serves approximately 50,500 members in a 15 county area that spans from Kentucky to Tennessee.  Tri-County’s wholesale power is supplied by TVA who they proudly partner with in economic development incentive programs.  


When qualifying businesses invest in energy savings, they may receive an incentive payment to help offset some of their costs through the Energy Right Solutions for Business Program. 


The Small Manufacturer Credit is available to companies with a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code between 20 – 39 and a demand falling between 1000 – 5000 kW.  The credit pays on both demand and energy.


The Valley Investment Initiative (VII) offers financial incentives to qualifying power customers who contribute to the economic development of the Valley and compliment TVA’s power system resources.  Awards are paid as monthly power bill credits over a five year period and a based on the five year projections and actual performance in the following categories:  capital investment, jobs added or retained, average wages paid, energy efficiency, load factor & coincident load factor.


Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation


UCEMC, supplied by TVA, serves the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee.  Bustling residential, commercial, and industrial communities flourish in the Upper Cumberland Region of Tennessee due in large part to abundant and economical electric power distributed by UCEMC.


Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation


MTEMC is the State’s largest electric cooperative and is supplied by TVA.  MTEMC distributes electricity to over 200,000 residential and business members in their four-county region.  MTEMC proudly partners with TVA in the Valley Investment Initiative, which offers incentives for members’  continued capital investment, job retention and growth, higher-than-average wages, energy efficiency, and power usage characteristics that complement the TVA power system.





Growing with the flow of the Cumberland.


At a time when want of water is a serious problem around the world, in large parts of the western U.S. and even some eastern metro areas, our region is blessed with a powerfully abundant asset in the Cumberland River. Rolling through our region spreading thousands of miles of watershed, this mighty body of water, along with local lakes and streams, provides a clean, reliable resource that translates into a superior quality of life for residents, and higher capacity for industry.


And while our water source is superb, expert staffs working in collaboration with engineers and contractors ensure local utility districts and infrastructure maintain the highest quality of water supply and wastewater treatment.



Natural Gas:


Cleaning up” with affordable natural gas.


Across the nation, natural gas is fueling a renaissance in manufacturing, and here in our region multiple suppliers and distribution systems make this clean resource a strategic go-to option for industry.





Acceleration in communication, performance at the speed of business.

Thanks to an extensive network of fiber optic cable and a diverse roster of high-performance telecommunications providers such as North Central Telephone Cooperative and AT&T (http://www.attinternetservice.com/), our region’s data and communication options offer utmost responsiveness to industry’s need for speed and quality.


North Central Telephone Cooperative


NCTC offers local and long distance telephone service, up to a “gig” internet broadband, internet protocol television (IPTV), and fiber optics for businesses and residents.

NCTC is home to one of the nation’s cutting-edge Cloud backup solutions and Cloud computing.  The North Central Cloud is safe, private, and efficient.  Not only is the Cloud secure, it is housed in a state of the art data center.  The facility was constructed to withstand EF5 rated tornados, Category D earthquakes, and even Category 5 hurricane winds.

NCTC received the Smart Rural Community® Showcase Award in 2014.  The Smart Rural Community initiative promotes next-generation rural broadband networks that assist local communities with economic development, commerce, education, health care, and government services.  


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