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The natural center for global business.

Take a closer look at the five counties of the Tennessee Central Economic Authority (TCEA), and the picture is clear, of a region where a wealth of leading assets and advantages are concentrated across thriving towns, communities and lush natural settings. Stretching from just outside Nashville to the northern state line, our boundaries are bountiful, our incentives fruitful—we are your operation’s scenic shortcut to the top of a global market.

Tap into the rich abundance of an endlessly resourceful region: Both land and labor in the TCEA region are plentiful, hard-working and affordable. Our people and our products stay on the move—from the fresh, magnificent yields reaped from Tennessee’s leading agricultural counties to the up-to-the-minute fashions rolling out of retail giant Gap’s largest worldwide distribution center; from the streams of commuter rail passengers enjoying immediate access to downtown Nashville to the boaters and barges navigating the Cumberland River flowing all the way to the Mississippi River and global ports on the Gulf. 

Just north of Nashville, on the way to everywhere: Position your operation in the heart of Tennessee and a strategic center of United States, with ample multimodal transportation options—highway, rail, barge, and international air— to leverage location advantages to the fullest.

Reach your targets: With 75% of U.S. markets within a one-day drive, TCEA delivers with location plus logistics. And with world-class workforce training through Tennessee College for Applied Technology, TCEA helps your operation reach—and exceed—targeted productivity goals.

Environments of excellence: Not surprisingly, the TCEA population is growing, as new residents and industry are attracted to our diverse environments. From lush agricultural bounty of Macon County to the logistical superiority and speed of Wilson County, from the recreational paradise of Smith County to the industrial powerhouses of Sumner County, the TCEA region offers assets and opportunity for diverse sectors. In history-rich Trousdale County, the PowerCom site is making history again, leading industry to new levels of global competitiveness.

Our Alliance is your assurance: TCEA offers your company a uniquely powerful partnership, five leading counties united behind you in one of the nation’s most pro-business states.  Our incentives are superb, our support is strategic, delivered how and where you need it.

Leadership ready to work for you, a location blessed with an abundance of resources and assets, all right in the middle of everywhere: The picture is clear. As a global center for business, TCEA is a natural.



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