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First to the Top.


First and best: Here in the TCEA region, “first” and “best” are the goals that drive our K-12 education—to put student needs first to offer the best possible preparedness, not just for college and career, but for life. Our schools range in size from some of the biggest in the state to schools in the state’s smallest county, but our commitment to quality is uniform.


In achieving our goals, some other firsts and bests have come into play. For example, as one of the first states in the nation to win a Race to the Top grant, Tennessee has been able to leverage more than $500 million in federal monies since 2011 to implement sweeping improvements that included the introduction of greater rigor into curricula and enhanced teacher preparedness and accountability.


Here in our area, those first-in-class monies have been put to best-practices use, to insure peak performance through both human and technological resources.


Leading on the field, in every field: Whether it’s active participation in the Tennessee STEM network promoting the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, or whether it’s putting forth a winning effort on athletic playing fields, this is a region that recognizes excellence—and fosters it—in all its many forms. Not surprisingly, this has led to outside recognition, in the awarding of Presidential Blue Ribbon Awards for Excellence, for example, and in the inclusion in U.S. News and World Report’s Top 50 schools. Our scores are solid across the board; our trophy cases are well-stocked, and our students are well-prepared.


A brighter future from the ground up: We understand that teaching and learning are human endeavors, but our region also appreciates the need for 21st century technological and facilities support. Even some of our smallest schools have been recognized for high-caliber tech. Here, while our computing is in the “cloud,” you can be sure that our students’ feet are planted firmly on a foundation of quality facilities and instruction, aided by the full complement of modern pedagogical tools, from smartboards, smart tables and iPads, to the latest in educational software as well as online learning options.


A superior selection: Today, more than ever parents want choices in selecting the right environment for their children’s education. With award-winning private as well as public options that include magnet schools and more, this area offers that choice, along with assurance that every selection has been quality tested. Our private schools have a rich tradition of academic performance, as do our public schools, some of which reach back nearly 150 years.


Springboard to success: High test scores (including a number of National Merit Scholars), high graduation rates, and high rates of college and tech school matriculation are evidence that our commitment to education is yielding dividends. But our commitment goes beyond the numbers—we know a higher quality of learning will result in a higher quality of life for our region.



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